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Founded in 1955, the Venice Room Steak House is a classic Italian style bar with a rich history featuring a grill for cooking your own steak! You cook self-cook your own steak or ask your server how to cook your steak on the grill for perfection. This landmark of Monterey Park is a second home to many in the community and welcome first timers alike.

Our steaks are fresh hand cut New York strip. Grilled and prepared by you, any way you like from a wide variety seasoning and sauces at the prep bar. The menu also includes a French roll, a salad and a baked potato. Enjoy the pleasure of grilling your own steak without even a thought to the clean up!

If you love grilling meat, and especially grilling beef you have found a home away from home! We also host weekly music events including some very lively evenings of world class karaoke! Check the calendar for details. No reservation necessary, just come in to have a drink, cook a steak and sing a song! Could the Venice Room be the most romantic evening in Monterey Park, California?